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We are GARBO and we know the formula for creating epic moments.
Our formula and attitude are based on a constant dialog, total dedication, masterful conceptual creation, attention to detail, and permanent and total availability and assistance.
Every moment is unique. Some moments even become landmarks in our life story. Our mission is to create such memorable moments.
We commit to each event our very essence. Everything is shaped from scratch, respecting the singularity of each occasion.
Planning and coordination are key. To plan carefully allows us to define exactly the path we want to take; our goals are achieved through thorough coordination, perfecting each phase and avoiding risks.

Sandra Paulo

Sandra Paulo was born in Chaves, in northern Portugal, since 2003 she decided to make Porto her new home. A graduate in architecture, her experience extends to projects that excel for their exquisiteness and authenticity of ambiances. She is particularly sensitive to the duty of fufilling costumers' desires. At age 29, while also assuming the role of maid of honor, she organized the marriage of her dear friend Julieta. From that happy moment GARBO was born, a project which embodied a common will of promoting unique experiences that last for a lifetime.

Julieta Lopes

Julieta, the bride, moved from Amarante to Porto in 2006, where she has been living since. Her long career as surveyor and estimator has granted her strong skills in thoroughly executing and controlling the projects she supervises. Planning, execution and precision are the cornerstones of her work, which directly contribute to the carefulness that Garbo devotes to its events. At age 36, she cherishes the precious memories of her wedding. It is from them that she tunes the unforgettable moments that, with Sandra, Garbo makes a difference in their clients’ lives.